I wanted to make something to settle, and probably start, a few arguments.



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"I can't allow someone to just slander Lucky Charms like this."

A friend's words got me to make this. That and wanting to try my hand at draggable UIs on a browser. Tierlist lets you choose a topic/subject and show people what's best. Food, sports, video games, whatever. Just show people what's best and let the talks begin.

My main goal was to have it be accessible on desktop and mobile platforms. On a desktop, moving elements from one end of the screen to the other is simple enough but on a mobile platform, real estate to work with is much more limited. To accomodate, elements are layered over each other using opacity on certain actions to indicate their hierarchy in the application.

The biggest challenge of this was finding a method of condensing content for one to move. Scrolling felt too tedious for topics with larger selections and didn't translate over to mobile well. Other methods like panels and modals didn't feel fluid enough when in use.

Management on screen real estate was a big factor in this project. Persuing it gave me a good experience in finding alternative methods to manage content placement.

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