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"Just click this thing and publish so you can get to Subway before they close, Shannon."

At first it was just a bunch of us watching a stream of an open lobby of Street Fighter IV, playing, talking nonsense. That stream went up in smoke so someone took up the mantle and started to stream it himself. Then it went to having small exhibitions of the better players. Then entire nights dedicated to it. Then entire tournaments.

Right now, PxG has been an odd combo of four people across North America coordinating to bring an experience for gamers.

Recently, my role has been to establish a stronger web presence and improve the tournament entry process to be more automated for the other team members to manage when I'm not around. Previously, tournaments were ran for Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken and had relied on me to bring up and take down the sign up page manually. With Street Fighter V's release we looked at this as the best time to change the process into something more accessible for other team members and more automated for dealing with entrants pre and post-tournament.

We announce a tournament. Team member creates the sign up page on the site. If all is well, they goes into the Challonge bracket (3rd-party tournament service) and into our end for Google Drive. The location provided by the player is seen in Google Drive and used when we seed players by location. Once the entrant cap is reached, the tournament proceeds as normal and once ended, a script is ran using Google Script hooked up to a spreadsheet to acquire the final placings of players and allot points accordingly for our ranking system. This gives all team members a simple way of managing tournaments and our ranking system via simple clicks.

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