After a few months, I figured that my favourite music blog wasn't coming back any time soon.



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Somewhat disappointed, I hit play on its last post and kept up reading through Angular's basics. As I'm reading, I'm thinking of ways to apply this. Turns out, it was the next tab over with the dead blog.

The goal was to build an audio player from the ground up that also played nice with Angular and mobile devices. I started by looking into basic actions and functions like scrubbing, playing, stopping, and time display, then how they could be handled in an Angular environment.

On mobile, the player gets the same functionality desktop users would get. Actions like seeking/scrubbing, playing, and pausing on this platform are available in browser with some translating into device controls. Volume control was omitted as having two separate controls for it tend to be more hurtful than helpful as one is left completely unused or the user is stuck wondering which one they last controlled.

A self-lesson on a UI element making more appearances with audio content being much easier to implement on the web.

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